Tribeca Open Adult Gaming
Monday thru Thursday
7:00PM to 10:00PM 

Let's play a board game!

In addition to Open Gaming, each night has a theme:

Monday: Board Game League

Tuesday: D&D and other RPGs

Wednesday: Keyforge and Magic: The Gathering

Thursday: Playtest Day

Join our meetup for the latest info!

And let's chat about what we can do to make Brooklyn Game Lab your friendly neighborhood hub to gather and game in Manhattan. 

For the rest of September, the Tribeca lab (at 119 Chambers) is open after work for folks to drop in, pull a game from our library (or bring one), meet up with other gamers and play - AT NO CHARGE!

Starting October 1st, we will be charging $5 per visit.

Heavy Euros. Light party games. You name it -we're down to play!

What are you looking to play?

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