After School - Stay Tuned for NEW Programs for Fall 2017

GAME LAB AFTER SCHOOL is so much more than After School!

When your child joins our after school program, a whole community opens up to them. He or she is welcomed into our membership ranks and can enjoy a variety of extra programs and perks.

After School Lab runs Sunday thru Friday, 3:30 pm to 6 pm. Children (ages 7 – 13) attend once per week and play modern board games or card games. No video games! And not just play. They become game developers themselves by analyzing gameplay and designing new rules and moves.

And — while they aren’t looking — the Lab program develops kids’ community-building values: fair play, diplomacy, collaboration, and empathy.

After School Details
  • After school is a 5 month program, offered everyday except Saturday.
  • Semester membership fee divided into 5 payments of $245, billed at beginning of month.
  • Membership covers after school and extra weekly programs.
  • Pickup from local schools available for $20 month.
  • Siblings receive 10% off after school and camps fees.
Join the “Mega Game”
  • During after school, BGL is running the largest youth gaming league on Earth.
  • Over 400 “Immortal” students participate in a huge, evolving, multi-month board game on teams of 60+.
Older Kids? Try Teen Pass!

Older gamers (12+) have dedicated Lab time to play in-depth games and more advanced campaigns. The Lab offers a safe space for independent, maturing kids to (still) be kids.

  • Teen Hangout on Saturday afternoons, where kids learn new, sophisticated games, or play D & D campaigns.
  • Teen Only RPG on Saturday nights, play Dungeons & Dragons, learn to be better players, and learn DM and leadership skills. CITs can start their training.
Teen Pass Details
  • Teen Pass is a month-to-month program.
  • The monthly fee of $145 covers Saturday programming and extra evening programs.

Questions? More Information about Membership?