There are several new games in stock at Brooklyn Game Lab this week, for fans of the fantasy genres or classics. Game of Thrones: Catan. The game that popularized modern boardgames meets the books that popularized modern fantasy. As a member of the Night’s Watch, gather resources to build up the lands around the Wall. […]

With the biggest shopping weekend of the year approaching, you may be looking for locations to pick up Holiday gifts. Brooklyn Game Lab will be open Friday to Sunday. Our 479 7th avenue mega-store will be open 11am to 6pm each day for your shopping needs. (Our 353 7th avenue store is closed from Wednesday […]

There is a variety of new games in stock at Brooklyn Game Lab this week, including some from (or homages to) beloved franchises. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. The classic fantasy film returns in this boardgame. Up to five players can brave the goblin lands to save the baby Toby from Jareth, the Goblin King. Fans of […]

We have another batch of new games check out at Brooklyn Game Lab. And there is something for everyone. Codenames Marvel. The popular social game gets a super-heroic makeover, with pictures featuring your favorite comicbook characters like Spider-man, the Avengers, or the Guardians of the Galaxy. Players who enjoy the other Codename games or Marvel […]

The top-rated boardgame of all time returns with Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, now available at Brooklyn Game Lab. The original Pandemic game, by Matt Leacock, was both critically acclaimed and a bestseller. A group of two to four players play as a team from the CDC, working to stop epidemics from spreading around the globe […]