In STUDIO, we explore and develop modern day board games. These games are social, fun and promote all sorts of critical thinking! After playing, we discuss our strategies and propose changes to the game. By the time we’re done, we’ve created and “play-tested” a completely new version! In addition to this group collaboration, there is also time for kids to design their own original games!

NOTE: Tabletop Lab, Masterminds Lab & Design Lab have been COMBINED to form one amazing afterschool program that includes the programming of all three labs!!

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In QUEST, we take fantasy role-playing to the next level! When the weather is nice, we go outdoors for active gaming that involves custom foam weapons. Other days we stay in and play Dungeons & Dragons - where groups of kids go on narrative adventures in a world of their own creation! We round out the discipline by exploring the tactics within “trading card games” like Magic: the Gathering!

Now Monday-Friday at all locations!

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That’s not all, parents!

All students - those enrolled in both STUDIO and/or QUEST - will also participate in two other awesome secondary programs during regular afterschool hours:


All afterschool participants will get a chance once a month to preview and play-test original games that BGL hopes to publish! This collaborative game jam is an opportunity for kids to see what’s involved with the development of a published title - and to join us on our journey as we strive to bring great content to kids the world over!


All afterschool participants will also spend a portion of each day participating in the world’s largest youth “mega-game.” This experience is like nothing else in gaming! Nearly 900 young gamers - divided into five teams that match their personalities and interests - work together over the course of 10 months, playing a vastly deep and wildly original game of our collective creation!


We pick up from these schools every day:

In Park Slope:
Every day: PS 10, 107, 118, 295, 39, 321
Select days: PS 130, 154, 230, Berkeley Carroll, PS 146 Brooklyn New School (Tuesdays)

In Tribeca:
Every day: PS 89, PS 150, PS 234, PS 276, PS 343, PS 397, Blue School, Portfolio School, PS 3

Ask us if we can pick up at your school!