Welcome to the biggest youth MEGA-game on the planet

Children who earn enough merits to reach “Level 7” join one of our clans and our Immortal Wars game.  All Immortals — in after school or not — can participate in their clans’ Friday Meetups.  The meet-ups are free.

Kids from across all programs and camps get to know each other, plan together, and make special game moves.

Which clan will emerge victorious?

The Redmoon Riders: chaotic warriors who act first and boldly go for their goals.

Parchwik Academy: wizards who use their knowledge to do what is right.

The Oakfist Council: adventurers who thrive in nature and work to keep a balance in all things.

The Dyre Legion: clever rogues that work stealthily to do what is right…
for the Legion.

The Irongate Order: the lawful protectors that guard cities and their people.

Immortal Wars Map

Updated May 23rd

Immortal Wars Map
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Map from May 22nd

Immortal Wars Map
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Map from May 21st

Immortal Wars Map
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Map from May 20th

Immortal Wars Map
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Map from May 18th

Immortal Wars Map
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Map from May 17th

Immortal Wars Map
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Map from May 16th

Immortal Wars Map
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Score Board

On or about the 11th of each month, the Immortal Wars will be scored. Clans earn 2 Victory Points for each land tile they control, 1 VP for each shallow sea tile they control, and additional points for any Destinies awarded (bonuses from when Story meets Gameplay to achieve something unique).

Scores from December 11th

Parchwik Academy: 40
Oakfist Council: 40
Irongate Order: 38
Dyre Legion: 36
Redmoon Riders: 32

Scores from January 11th

Parchwik Academy: 89
Dyre Legion: 88
Irongate Order: 78
Oakfist Council: 77
Redmoon Riders: 54

Scores from February 12th

Parchwik Academy: 138
Dyre Legion: 137
Oakfist Council: 112
Irongate Order: 107
Redmoon Riders: 91

Scores from March 20th

King Gareth Gildhorn: 200
Parchwik Academy: 195
Dyre Legion: 181
Redmoon Riders: 148
Oakfist Council: 143
Irongate Order: 134

Scores from April 16th

King Gareth Gildhorn: 300
Parchwik Academy: 249
Dyre Legion: 230
Redmoon Riders: 191
Oakfist Council: 190
Irongate Order: 176

Scores from May 15th

King Gareth Gildhorn: 500
Dyre Legion: 281
Parchwik Academy: 277
Irongate Order: 238
Redmoon Riders: 236
Oakfist Council: 230

Final scores will be announced at the Gildhorn Cup in Prospect Park, on June 24th.


Meetup Calendar

Immortals of different clans meet on Friday nights to make big moves and strategize across the days.
Meetups are free and run 7:00 – 8:30 pm at our 479 7th Avenue lab.

5th: Oakfist Council
12th: Irongate Order
19th: Parchwik Academy
26th: Redmoon Riders

2nd: Dyre Legion
9th: Oakfist Council

2nd: Irongate Order
9th: Parchwik Academy
16th: Redmoon Riders
em>23rd: Dyre Legion

13th: Oakfist Council
20th: Irongate Order
27th: Parchwik Academy

4th: Redmoon Riders
11th: Dyre Legion
18th: Oakfist Council
25th: Irongate Order

1st: Parchwik Academy
8th: Redmoon Riders

Immortal Wars Finale Meetup will take place at the 7th Avenue street fair, on June 17th.