Jobs at Brooklyn Game Lab

Love Games? Great with Kids? Join Us!

We are always interested in meeting people who have the amazing combination of passion for gaming and the ability to connect with and manage kids. We hire on a rolling basis as needed with our programs. So please submit your information below for future openings!

Working at Game Lab
  • Meet an energetic group of people who are passionate about gaming!
  • Join in the selection, modification and creation of awesome content!
  • Guide teams of kids through the biggest mega game on the planet!


We’re looking for great people to guide groups of kids through the best of modern gaming. Join our team of enthusiastic, creative staffers helping kids develop skills in communication, critical thinking and sportsmanship.

Instructors must be able to balance fun and discipline while teaching complex rule sets. Shift punctuality and reliability is a must.


DMs (aka Dungeon Masters) must be available to work Friday and/or Saturday nights during our RPG electives. DMs are responsible for creating campaigns and running tables of up to 5-6 young questers.

Currently all RPG programming is D&D 5th Edition, but we’re looking to explore other RPG systems this year (particularly on Saturday night).


Game Lab attends lots of events to promote our afterschool program and summer camp.

The “Event Lead” needs to be on the front lines at these events, leading a team of 2-6 staffers to ensure that setup, programing and break-down go off without a hitch.

Candidates need to be outgoing, upbeat, natural leaders and available to work weekends.


We’re looking for one stellar person to oversee staff scheduling. This person needs to be plugged into the day-to-day and capable of planning, adjusting and tracking the schedules of a team working 15-30 shifts per day in two locations.

The role includes interviewing and onboarding new prospects as well as acting as a go-to resource for our growing staff.