Game Lab opens a whole community to our after school and Teen Pass families. Meet new friends and enjoy a variety of exciting programs and perks.

Free Programs for After School Families

Around the World in 80 Games

A free program for after school kids and their families to explore the globe through games. Learn an exciting game and travel to a different country weekly.

Join us Saturdays or Sundays at 479 7th Ave from 4 – 6 pm. Kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Immortal Wars

The largest youth mega game on the planet! Students earn their way onto one of our thematic teams (aka Clans) and embark on a multi-month, team-based strategy game. They out-wit and out-maneuver other Clans across our after school grid. Special, free meet-ups are held Fridays for each clan so members can meet fellow members.

Pokemon Club

Gotta catch them all! Our Pokemon Master will help kids build great decks and teach game and tournament play. Free for all after school kids. Every Saturday 4 -6 pm.

special events

Game Lab periodically offers exciting events, free to our after school families, including our end-of-school-year blowout in Prospect Park. Past events have included play testing games created by leading game designers and game release events.


priority sign up

After school families receive advance sign-up notification for our popular Summer and School Holiday Labs. In addition, enjoy early bird discounts on Summer Labs.

Discounted Programs

friday night drop off

Drop the kids off on Friday night for loads of gaming fun. We’ve got D&D, Magic, modified Chess, and all their favorite board games. Young designers can even playtest their own creations. Parents enjoy three full hours of weekend night coverage!

Birthday Parties

Our Quest parties take guests on a role playing adventure in D&D and our Tabletop parties feature some of our most popular games — Citadels, Avalon, and Mysterium!

Our attentive, kid-friendly staff teach and guide party guests, involving all kids in the action. After school families receive discount on parties, including free cake for our Immortal members!


Teen Hangout

Teen Hangout on Saturday afternoons, where kids learn new, sophisticated games, or play D&D campaigns. Teen RPG on Saturday nights, gather and play Dungeons & Dragons. Ages 12 and up only.


Enjoy a friends and families discount of 20% off select Lab retail purchases.

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