Games and birthday parties. A classic combination!

Game Lab parties feature our most popular games — King of Tokyo, Werewolf, Forbidden Island — from our deep library of games. For our older kids, we also offer role-playing games. Your child has a favorite game? Let us know!

Our attentive, kid-friendly staff teach and guide party guests, involving all kids in the action.


Saturdays and Sundays 10:30 am – 12:30 pm or 1:00 – 3:00 pm

All parties held at the roomy 479 7th Avenue (at Windsor Place) Lab.

For parties up to 12 children: $395 kids enrolled in after school Labs; $550 all others. Role Play Games $50 additional.

Party FAQ

Can younger siblings attend if they don't participate?

Yes, younger siblings are welcome to stay as long as they are supervised by an adult. We have an area for younger kids, and parents of your birthday guests, to hang out and play games on their own.

May I come early to set up?

Yes, please come by about 15 minutes before your party starts.

Can we bring decorations? What can we not bring?

You can bring decorations, but please use a minimalist approac.! A tablecloth for the 8’ long food table, themed tableware, a few balloons is probably enough.

When will the food/cake be served?

A break for food and cake happens about an hour into the party. Game playing resumes after the refreshments are enjoyed.

Can you recommend any Pizza places nearby?

It’s Brooklyn, so several pizza places are nearby. One is Mike’s Daddy (449 7th Ave) half a block away, and Game Lab parties receive a discount. 718-768-9700 and tell them Game Lab sent you.


My child is part of the Immortal clan, can I find a cake with the Irongate (Oakfist, Redmoon, Dyre, Parchwik) emblem?

Yes! We now supply the cake with an Immortal clan emblem. For other cakes, we suggest BKLYN Cake Studio 718-576-3986.


Is gratuity for staff included?

We don’t include gratuity for staff in our party fee.

Is clean up included?

Yes, we’ll take care of all clean up!