We offer after school every week day. Kids play modern board games and then create their own modifications. Each Lab runs from 3:30 – 6:00 pm and meets once a week for a 5-month term. Terms are:

  • Spring: February thru June

  • Fall: September thru January.

Enrollment is for the entire term, but you may start anytime during the term.


Pickup is $25 per month per child per Lab.

We’ll pick up from these schools every day:

PS 89, PS 150, PS 234, PS 276, PS 343, PS 397, Blue School, Portfolio School

Your school not listed?

Ask us if we can pick up at your school!

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The after school term fee is divided into 5 monthly installments (or pro-rated if you start mid-term). Fees are charged at beginning of month. Enrolled families receive perks, including free gaming sessions, and select camp discounts.

Your monthly payment is based on the number of Labs in which your family is enrolled.

NOTE — We are offering all after school Labs at a great discount during our introductory period!

  • 1 Lab per family: $400 $200 installment/month.

  • 2 Labs per family: $750 $400 installment/month.

  • 3 Labs per family: $1,050 $600 installment/month.

  • 4 Labs per family: $1,350 $800 installment/month.

Further explanation below.

Example #1: The Smiths have 2 children. Child 1 takes one day of Tabletop Lab, and Child 2 takes two days of Tabletop Lab. The Smiths pay a $1,050 installment per month ($600 during our special intro period.)

Please Note: Upon registration, your credit card will immediately be charged for your 1st month’s after school installment. Your 2nd charge will be automatically charged on the 1st of the following month.

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