Kids learn and play modern board and card games. No video games! And not just play. They become game designers – analyzing mechanics, discussing strategies, and playtesting their own creations, adding new original elements to the games!

Tabletop meets once a week and runs at both Lab locations from 3:30 – 6 pm. Choose a weekday or even a Sunday.

We group kids (7 – 14 years old) by age.

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An exciting journey thru ancient cultures via timeless games like Backgammon, Mahjong, and Go. Lab of the Ancients is also the coolest chess program around – kids create and playtest their own original chess pieces!

Lab of the Ancients meets once a week: 3:30 – 6 pm at 479 7th Ave. Choose from Monday or Friday!

Ideal for 2nd grade thru middle school students.

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QUEST LAB (Ages 9 and up)

This fall we’re combining Role Playing Games (aka RPG/D&D) and live-action role playing games (aka Battle Lab) into one awesome program! Exciting campaigns, memorable characters, cool weapons — all done Game Lab style.

Quest Lab meets once a week at 479 7th Ave from 3:30 – 6 pm. Choose Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  Lots of outdoor play included!

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When your child joins our after school program, a whole community opens. He or she is welcomed into our ranks and can enjoy a variety of extra programs and perks.

Lab Perks

Our Lab programs develop kids’ community-building values: fair play, diplomacy, collaboration, and empathy.

Join the “Mega Game”
  • During after school, BGL runs the largest youth gaming league on Earth.
  • Over 400 “Immortal” students participate in a huge, evolving, multi-month board game on teams of 60+.
  • Kids earn their way onto the game by demonstrating excellent strategic and creative thinking and honorable behavior.
After School Details
  • All Labs run for a 5-month semester; Sept – Jan and Feb – June. But, join us at any time. We’ll pro-rate the fee.
  • Sign up for 1 or up to 3 different Labs per week.
  • All Labs run from 3:30 – 6 pm and meet once a week.
  • Homework Hour offered Mon – Thurs from 6 – 7 pm for $15.
  • Semester fee divided into 5 monthly payments of $250 for 1 Lab seat. The 2nd Lab seat (for a sibling or for a 2nd Lab) is $200 per month. The 3rd Lab seat is $150. Additional seats are $150.
  • Fee includes additional free and discounted perks.
  • Pickup from local public schools available for $20 month.
Older Kids? Try Teen Pass!

Older gamers (12+) have dedicated Lab time to play in-depth games and more advanced campaigns. The Lab offers a safe space for independent, maturing kids to (still) be kids.

  • Teen Hangout Saturday afternoons, 2-6 pm, where kids learn new, sophisticated games, or play D & D campaigns.
  • Teen Only RPG on Saturday nights, 6:30-9:30pm, play Dungeons & Dragons, learn to be better players, and learn Dungeon Master leadership skills. CITs can start their training.
Teen Pass Details
  • Teen Pass is a month-to-month program.
  • The monthly fee of $99 covers Saturday programming and extra evening programs.

Questions? Ready to register?