Starting in 2018 our team began work on a series of games to be published in the next 24 months. Our passion project - Spider Island - has dovetailed with several new partnerships - commissioning our team to design / publish original board games leveraging third-party IP. Details to follow...

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at our first release:

In 2016, the kids of Brooklyn Game Lab played New York 1901. The designer Chénier La Salle was gracious enough to conference in from France to talk with our kids. Inspired, our kids set out to make an expansion for the game - and did just that. With the help of the publisher Blue Orange we were able to print and distribute copies of our creation: New York 1901: Goons of New York!


To commemorate the release of the animated series Hilda on Netflix, Brooklyn Game Lab Studios was commissioned to design a board game that would be innovative, accessible to casual gamers and tied closely to the source material. We were proud to produce Hilda : A Family-Friendly Euro Game. and premier it at New York Comic Con 2018 to much fanfare. We’re currently working with Silvergate Media on plans for mass production/distribution. Stay tuned…

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