Brooklyn Game Lab is now accepting applications for our Student Experience Program.

You may apply to be a Counselor in Training (Knight) or Junior Counselor in Training (Rook) during the summer of 2019 as well as on select holidays (per the NYC DOE) during the school year.

BGL’s Student Experience program has two separate tiers, each with different responsibilities and costs to participate.


Teens ages 14 & 15 (as of June) are eligible to join BGL as Rooks.

These students have a chance to get their first taste of work experience in a safe, fun environment that they already know and love.  Rooks are trained on how to “play into” games with Lab program participants, modeling ideal behavior and guiding them on game strategy, while under the close supervision of adult staff.

There is a fee for Rooks to participate in the Student Experience program.


Applicants ages 16 & 17 (as of June) are eligible to join BGL as Knights.

These students are ready for more responsibility and in addition to being trained in a role similar to Rooks, are also trained on how to teach games and run them independently.  Knights participants gain invaluable leadership and work experience all while dealing in subject matter that they love - games.

Knights do not pay and do not receive compensation for their participation in the Student Experience program.


Applicants to both Student Experience program tiers must have a passion for board games, for gaming, for role playing games, and demonstrate the ability to connect with kids.  

Applicants to the summer Lab series are asked to commit to 2-5 weeks  (not necessarily consecutively) between July and September.

Previous experience working with young children (such as babysitting or academic tutoring) is a plus, but not required.

Participants will receive supervision, preliminary and ongoing training, and will be guided by adult staff.  Upon successful completion of the program participants may receive a recommendation letter.

Selected candidates will be notified upon acceptance to the program.


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