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We’ve brought on experienced social skills counselors to combine the best in gaming WITH expert therapeutic support for kids facing unique social challenges!

In our new Social Skills Group, kids spend half their time interacting in a highly imaginative, story-telling game (ala Dungeons & Dragons) and the other half reflecting on the experience and setting goals for their next engagement. All under the supervision of licensed social workers!

The group features the clinical support and guidance of Carrie Cohen, LCSW and Malicka Hung, LMSW who bring over 20 years of experience working from a strengths-based perspective with youth who have diagnoses including ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, and Oppositional Defiance.


The program runs September through May on Sundays in Park Slope, at our 310 7th Ave location (right off the F/G line). Carrie and Malicka will meet privately with children and their families for a formal in-take session. Together they will assess the appropriateness of the placement, discuss the relevant social history and set goals for the child. Based on this assessment, we work with parents to schedule a time slot that places the child in the ideal peer group.


Participating families will be provided with regular monthly summaries - and conferences three times during the year - highlighting how their child is progressing in various social skills, including:

  • Learning and utilizing conflict resolution strategies 

  • Identifying triggers leading to emotional dysregulation 

  • Utilizing coping strategies to improve emotional regulation 

  • Recognizing when an emotional response is an over/under reaction

  • Gaining strategies to cope with changes and transitions 

  • Improving one’s ability to follow multi-step directions 

  • Understanding empathy, the perspective of others, and flexible thinking

  • Improving turn taking and active listening skills

  • Coping with delayed vs. immediate gratification

  • Understanding the importance and utilization of social filters

  • Decreasing impulsivity and increasing attention span

  • Developing self-advocacy skills